Health & Safety

Safety is at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of everything we do. Sapphire Balconies have always, do always and will always put the health, safety and welfare of our staff and those who are affected by our operation first.

The health, safety and welfare of ourselves and of others is not something we ever take for granted. A genuinely proactive health, safety and welfare culture must be worked at, well communicated and nurtured to make it effective and still allow us to be the successful company we are.

Sapphire Balconies believe that injuries in the work place are avoidable and as such we have a Zero Harm target. This target of zero harm to our staff and those affected by our works requires a significant input from us, but we firmly believe this is achievable.


Here at Sapphire Balconies we appreciate our responsibility to the environment around us. Our product is 100% recyclable, a fact that we are very proud of.

We strive to reduce the effect we have on the environment each day by reducing waste, recycling wherever possible and reducing the number of delivery vehicles needed to get our balconies to site. We firmly believe that every one of us can make a difference to the health of our planet and will encourage future generations of Sapphire employees to do the same.