What is our Brand Promise?

Working closely with architects, designers and building professionals, we offer unrivalled assistance at every step of the way, from concept to completion.

Our support has always gone far beyond any contractual obligations. Now, our commitment to supply and support excellence includes a three-fold promise that every balcony we produce will be Rigid, Ready and Right.

Why make a promise?

Our promise of achieving what clients care about is a high standard. It sets clear goal posts we can measure our performance against and provides a catalyst for self-improvement, driving us to do everything necessary for delivering it. Our goodwill guarantee provides a self-imposed extra consequence. This synergy creates the dedication needed to turn our promise into reality.

What if the promise isn’t kept?

If you are concerned our promise hasn’t been delivered, the first thing is to report it. By reporting it, we will investigate it according to which part of the promise applies, and once resolved will implement our goodwill guarantee.

Our goodwill guarantee:

We know the most important action, if a problem has occurred, is to resolve the issue. Once rectified, our goodwill guarantee, a refund of £100 per balcony affected (up to £300 per balcony), is given to you as an apology for not delivering our high standards of Rigid.Ready.Right. first time.

Rigid.Ready.Right Delivering on our Promise – Download pdf