We promise to have traceable proof that each balcony has been inspected to the required standard so that every balcony is supplied Right.

What does Right (Supply) mean?

Each balcony has a unique identity and is subjected to a series of individual quality checks to ensure that the balcony meets the required standard. We like to build prototypes ahead of time so that clients can visit and agree on what their required standard is.

What does Right (Install) mean?

If you use one of our accredited installers, any damage to a balcony before the issue of an Installation Completion Certificate will be promptly attended to and rectified by Sapphire.

What backs up this promise?

If you feel and report that a balcony is not Right, we will ensure a visit is made to site within 3 working days to investigate the problem.

Our Goodwill Guarantee.

If a balcony has unfortunately not been delivered Right, once an investigation has been conducted & the balcony has been rectified to the required standard, we will give a refund of £100 per balcony affected.