We promise that every balcony using Sapphire anchors will be Rigid, and can be scientifically proven to deflect less than half the amount British Standards allow.

What does Rigid. mean?

British Standards require cantilever structures to deflect no more than L/180. We guarantee that every balcony fixed using Sapphire Anchors, will achieve our Gold Standard (L/360), which means 50% less deflection than the limits in BS EN 1993-1-1:2005.

What backs up this promise?

If you perceive and report that your balcony isn’t Rigid enough, we will ensure a visit is made to site within 7 working days to conduct our rigidity test (a point load of 2kN applied in the outer most corner of the balcony). We will follow up with sending you a technical report to scientifically prove its rigidity.

Our Goodwill Guarantee.

In the unlikely situation of a balcony not achieving our Gold Standard, once the problem has been rectified, we will give a refund of £100 per balcony affected.