Glide-On Cassette balconies: over 30 installed in a day

Although a lot more elegant, it’s like a fork lift lifting a pallet, it’s that simple.

The first part is the bracketry which can be chosen from a range of cast-in or post-fixed brackets to enable the connection to the main building structure or floor slab, each with steel arms protruding from the façade. Read more about Glide-On Connections

The balcony Cassette® (the frame structure) is a deck made with oversized holes to receive the steel arms when the Cassette® is craned into position. Each Cassette® is delivered preassembled and factory finished to a high quality standard with minimal on site finishing. Read more about balcony structures

The third part is the balustrade, forming a perimeter guard around the balcony. This can range from frameless structural glass to framed systems (eg vertical infill bars) or solid walls. Read more about balcony balustrading

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Design guide

Thermal breaks

Balconies are one of the major areas where façades are penetrated which makes thermal bridging a key consideration. This section explains the standard’s requirements, and why thermal and structural performance must be considered together.

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Thurston Road with Tinted glass balcony balustrading


Image gallery

There are many advantages when choosing a Sapphire balcony. Our unique, patented Glide On balcony products do not all have to look the same. Take a look at our gallery of images to see what a difference our balconies can make to your project. The filters allow you to interrogate the gallery by balcony type or balcony feature.

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Artic Vanceva interlayer for balcony privacy

Design advice

Regulations and industry guidance

There are many differing factors and organisations which affect the way balconies are designed. Balcony regulations and standards span many BS EN standards and other organisations guidance. So how can the balcony regulation and guidance be digested simply? We’ve researched these in detail and summarise our findings in this section.

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