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Woodberry Down Tower

Client: Berkeley Homes
Contractor: Lindner Façades Ltd
Location: Finsbury Park, North London
Balconies: 157 Cassettes®
Value: £1.2m


Sapphire took control of the project at Woodberry Down after a competitor had ceased trading. Over 150 Glide-On™ balconies were manufactured and installed by Sapphire for Skyline, the development’s 30-storey residential tower. Due to a goods hoist which was still erected, 30 balconies could not be installed until it had been taken down. By this point the tower crane had also been removed, adding further complication.


The competitor had intended to install bolt-on balconies, but after they ceased trading Sapphire redeveloped the standard arm design so that the Glide-On™ balconies would still work. As a result, Sapphire could then use the competitor’s connections while using the Glide-On™ Cassette® arms. To install the final 30 balconies, Sapphire created an innovative roof hoist to enable installation after the crane had gone. Once finished, the hoist could be dismantled and taken down in the internal goods lift.

Installation process

Step 1: Balconies were manufactured offsite in Sapphire’s production facility then stored allowing time for connections to be completed.

Step 2: The pre-assembled balconies complete with glass balustrade and fully finished Cassette®, were transported to site on flat bed lorry trailers.

Step 3: The majority of the balconies were installed using the crane until it was taken offsite. This included two part corner balconies to the mid-rise parts of the development.

Step 4: The final 30 balconies were installed using Sapphire’s specially developed roof hoist to avoid conflict with the goods hoist.

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