What is COACH?

More than 25 years’ experience of working with architects and builders has given us deep insight into what the market wants – and what helps specifiers get the results they are looking for. Our unique online tool, COACH, was born out of a desire to make compliant balcony design as simple as possible across the world.

COACH is the latest enhancement to CABS our Computer Aided Balcony Specifier, and the complete new suite was launched in December 2020. 

COACH in the future will enable auto pricing for balcony project, BIM outputs, streamline the design process including structural calculations and outputting designs for manufacturing machine processes. This vision for COACH also includes quality control processes throughout the platform, ensuring accurate balcony design and manufacture.

COACH is a free online software suite which currently enables you to design and specify your balconies, either from a predesigned option from our library, within certain parameters or from scratch. COACH intuitively guides you through the progress, so that within minutes you can create your full specification in a photorealistic 3D model with all the outputs you need ready to download.

A Collaborative Journey: Faster. Simpler. Smoother.

COACH enables you to create compliant balcony designs faster whilst giving you the detail you require to adequately specify the product. When using COACH and after use you will get access to a suite of design information. Including:

  • downloadable BIM/CAD compatible drawings
  • NBS specification
  • Drainage considerations
  • Fire Safety information
  • Structural detailing
  • Project design report
  • And more…

The tool continues to be developed with more features being rolled out in regular software updates, sign up to be notified of future updates.

Our unique online tool was born out of a desire to make compliant balcony design as simple as possible across the world.

What does the future hold for balcony design?

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