Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, we are no longer presenting physical CPDs. The good news is, that instead we are offering Virtual CPD presentations. All our CPDs will be available virtually.

CPD Presentations:

Based on a wealth of knowledge obtained through years of experience.

With the absence of a balcony-specific standard, yet a host of different organizations stipulating a range of requirements, balcony design has often been a minefield. We have extensively explored the thousands of pages of regulations, and add our findings from expansive testing to bring to you a clear understandable presentation in which we explore the requirements that need to be met as well as innovative solutions.

Our CPD presentations include videos of real-life processes, 2D and 3D technical diagrams, tables and extensive professional photos in order to allow attendees to easily digest the wealth of balcony design expertise and understand how they can be applied on their relevant projects.

We aim to explore, educate and inspire balcony design so that we can make a difference to all attendees.

The environment we are facing today means that the way we see homes, and the role they play in our everyday lives, is forever changing.

Sustainability and climate change continue to be key topics within the construction industry globally. The UK Government has set out to achieve an 80% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2050. It is estimated that 25% of carbon emissions come from homes and a further 17% from non-domestic buildings, so a decision was been made to improve energy efficiency in every household.

But why are considering embodied carbon and carbon during occupancy so important? How can the construction industry make an impact?

In the UK, whilst most of the industry are committed to the ambitious environmental goals set by the Government, others are concerned the goal is not a net zero carbon target and that the advancement of technology needed to reach the goals will not be adopted fast enough.

Our Water Management CPD explores the various regulations and requirements for managing water on your balconies. We discuss the key differences between piped, free and controlled draining along with key considerations you should be aware of when designing your balcony.

​This includes new recommendations from the recently announced BS 8579: 2020 Guide to the design of balconies and terraces.

This is the newest of our CPD presentations which captures all the wealth of knowledge from what we have researched into balcony fires. This captures the key balcony fires that have occurred since the Grenfell disaster and the extensive regulation and advice that has been issued and continues to change. We bring our research to you in a comprehendible CPD that takes you on a journey through the numerous balcony fires that occurred in the past 3 years, the history of balconies, laminate glass and the combustible cladding ban. We then look into the future to see what action each individual can take in the industry to reduce the fire risk and improve balcony design.

This is not intended to give you product knowledge but rather explore the journey of recent balcony fires and relevant regulation. If you would like a product design CPD we recommend the Balcony Design CPD.

More than 25 years’ experience of working with architects and builders has given us deep insight into what the market wants – and what helps specifiers get the results they are looking for. Our unique online tool, COACH, was born out of a desire to make compliant balcony design as simple as possible across the world.

COACH is the latest enhancement to CABS our Computer Aided Balcony Specifier, and the complete new suite was launched in December 2020.

COACH in the future will enable auto pricing for balcony project, BIM outputs, streamline the design process including structural calculations and outputting designs for manufacturing machine processes. This vision for COACH also includes quality control processes throughout the platform, ensuring accurate balcony design and manufacture.

This Fire CPD purely looks at current case studies of a few recent fires that have happened this year, explores common causes and how these can be designed out. It also gives clarity on the current fire regulations and our active product development. These solutions are above what is currently required but will give advice on what regulations we feel balconies will likely need to meet in the future.

More information on our Fire CPD 

Our Balcony Fires CPD is certified by the CPD Accreditation Service – see our certificate here.

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