Fire Safety Whitepaper

Recommendations regarding fire safety on balconies in high rise residential blocks.

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Laminate glass and the cladding ban

This Whitepaper looks at laminate glass used in balconies and balustrades and how it is affected by the Combustible Cladding Ban.

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Inset balconies

Why and how to use aluminium rather than concrete?

The benefits of using Sapphire’s Glide-On balconies for insets

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Accessible balconies

Achieving an accessible balcony threshold

This whitepaper explores the requirements of different guidance and standards for accessible balconies.

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Balcony drainage

Leaky balconies and drainage

This whitepaper identifies what you need to know to avoid drainage problems on your balconies

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Balcony Design

BS8579 - Whitepaper

This BS8579 whitepaper has been created to explore the recommendations on drainage, fire, inclusivity and more, in the new British Standard.

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