Quality control with digital traceability in construction – Whitepaper

Who is responsible for traceability in the industry and is digital the solution?

Traceability and control over production of any construction components is vitally important to reduce costs and achieve high quality products. In the past, paper records have typically been used but issues such as human error, missing paperwork and onsite bad weather impact the effectiveness of the records.

Traceability is about identifying the product and who has worked on it and at what stage. If there are issues, they can be identified and traced precisely at every single stage. This prevents mass recall of products with its inherent waste of materials, time and money.

Having all records digitised and stored in a digital vault is the way forward to achieve traceability and accountability at all stages of production. This whitepaper aims to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the importance of digital traceability in construction and those responsible.

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