Glide-On Brackets / Connections Overview

The first part of an ideal balcony solution is a rigid connection back to the building. This section has a range of common solutions for your from cast-in balcony anchors to post-fixed.

The balcony anchors and connection back to the building, whilst unseen, is structurally the most important element.

Get it right and you can achieve a rigid balcony, get it wrong though, and the balcony could feel ‘bouncy’, corrode quicker, perform poor thermally, or worst of all; could be a safety risk.

Whilst the most common balcony connection is the cast in brackets, which offer a host of benefits, other projects may not have a RC frame, etc. In this section are a number of solutions for the common applications in the market place. All are designed to outperform the L/180 structural requirements, include thermal breaks, and can be used with, or without stub brackets.