Stubs / Arms Overview

The third part of a balcony connection is the Arm (or stub and arm) which joins in the cavity and supports the whole structure of the balcony. The structural performance, and the longevity of these components is paramount to a good balcony. These components must be fabricated in accordance with BS EN 1090 CE Marking requirements.

Whilst traditional bolt-on balconies connect directly to a stub, part of the secret to enabling rapid install is in the simplistic addition of arms. The one piece arm is more efficient, more cost effective and slightly more rigid than the two piece (stub and arm). However the choice of one piece or two piece arms, is mainly one which needs to be made with consideration of the interface of the arms around other trades on site. These arms, or stubs, can be preassembled to enable them to be cast in along with the anchor as the RC frame is poured, with the arm being added later if it is thought that they may conflict, or adversely affect other trades. Arms are typically made from galvanised steel universal beams (or ‘I beams’). The size, weight, and the thickness of the back plate of the beams is governed by several factors including the spacing of arms, the balcony projection, slab thickness, etc.