Product Overview

Whilst the thermal values which need to be achieved apply to the whole building not isolated components, to meet Part L regulations, and the requirements of other standards, all balcony connections must have a thermal break to stop cold bridging occurring at these junctions.

Firstly, consideration must be made of the quantity of anchors which are being used. Quite simply, the more points the facade is penetrated the more potential areas of thermal bridging.

Choosing an anchor which has very good thermal performance, but poor structural performance is likely to not only cost more but not provide the thermal benefit of having a similar performing thermal anchor which enable less connections to be used.

The Cassette® balcony system is considerably lighter in weight, (primarily because of its aluminium construction) and the anchors used are considerably stronger than other options available which both mean that the number of anchor connections required can be reduced, saving cost and minimising cold bridging.