Cassette® Balconies: Structure Overview

There are three parts to the main balcony structure. Firstly, the Cassette® balconies ‘skeleton’, this in essence, is a chassis which the rest of the aesthetic items fix to. The decking above, Soffits below, then balustrade and fascia at the front and sides.

The balcony Cassette® prefinished with decking, soffits, balustrades and fascia’s are delivered pre assembled. Once a balcony is installed onto the arms, a stirrup style clamp integrated within the Cassette® skeleton, is tightened from above. A second anti slip device is connected to the arms to provide a secondary fixing as a fail safe.

Aesthetically balconies are typically one of the few key components which influence the whole appeal of a building. Getting it right starts with the deck structure, particularly when combined with glass balustrades, the soffits and fascia’s are the most dominating parts.

Typically, the majority of fixings are hidden from view, achieved through cleverly engineered clips, slots and positioning of items, for example the main stirrup clamp fixings underneath of decking boards.

  • Cassette® balconies can be used in a range of applications including, projecting, inset, or continuous ‘terrace style’ balconies.
  • The use of an offsite produced Cassette® balcony enable multiple trades to be brought together in one solution.
  • The Cassette® balcony system has been extensively tested, and developed resulting in a well proven system which has approximately 60 components protected with registered designs/patents.
  • Typically Cassette® balconies have +/- 20mm horizontal and vertical tolerance which is considerably more than traditional bolt on balconies.
  • Projecting balconies can present a number of challenges with concrete casting,making it one of the best application for Cassette® balconies.
  • The open frame of the Cassette® skeleton enable water to pass through and be collected in drip trays and distributed to either a gutter, or the front/sides of a free drained balcony.
  • The lightweight aluminium structure can enable less connections to be used.
  • Prefitted soffits give a nice aesthetic appearance and provide essential fire safety benefits. This also means fitting them from below after install can be avoided.


Using Sapphire’s pioneering glide-on balcony bracket system, a record of 22 Offsite manufactured balcony units (the entire project quantity), including glass balustrades and sub-deck, were installed to new West London apartments in just 6 hours.

Fully assembled balcony modules, together with Sapphire’s innovative glide-on connectors, enabled install a balcony in 6.5 minutes.

Fascias, soffits and drainage systems can be pre-installed, reducing time on site even further. As the glide on connection means that you don’t need to access the bolts from underneath like a traditional bolt on balcony.

Sapphire’s lighter, modularised balcony Cassette® concept delivers both architectural flexibility and fast track construction benefits. The light weight of the Cassette® balconies enables the reducing of the number of brackets needed to fix the balcony to the building ‎which in turn can return substantial cost savings.

Whilst designing the cassette balconies, the base fixing ‎has been synergistically engineered in such a way that it works seamlessly with water drainage and also eliminates the need for additional base fixings for frameless structural glass making it more cost effective than framed balustrade systems on these cassette balconies.


We recommend that you use the Cassette® balconies in conjunction with Glide-On brackets and frameless structural gla‎ss balustrading.

Contact Sapphire to discuss how our unique glide-on balcony system, can work in your project application to provide a fast, high quality balcony solution for your development.


Cassette® and Crystal® are registered trade marks of Sapphire Balustrades Ltd