Product Overview

Some projects require an extra slim Cassette® balcony often because of minimal floor build up, thin slabs or other building design choices.

To make this possible whilst still maintaining a neat engineered solution with soffits, etc. We have developed a system of continuous profiles so that the structural front and rear frames loading can be spread across the whole balcony enabling a smaller balcony.

These sections are coated to provide neat finish without the extra height of a soffit. This again minimises the whole balcony depth.

Locking device

Balcony to arm connections are another example of how the Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies enable speed of install through clever innovation.

The clamps act like a stirrup, allowing the balcony arm to pass through without hindrance while the balcony is being installed. Once the balcony is in position, the internal installers can easily, and safely tighten these from above and fix down the last boards with the clips.

These clamps have been fatigue tested with 7686 cycles to simulate 60 years of loading.