Product Overview

Our Cassette® balconies utilise a modular 400mm construction with a range of standard projections.

Whilst utilising standard size balconies enables the most cost effective solution, bespoke widths, depths and projections can be achieved too. The majority of the projects we have supplied/installed use open Cassette® frames with soffits underneath with closed Cassette® frames being used where there are thin slabs or where deck finishes such as tiles are required.

Generally an open Cassette® is used, which like floor joists has ‘Rafters’ spanning between the structural front and rear members, and ‘Noggins’ between the end rafters and the second rafter in.

The open Cassette® gives plenty of space for rainwater to pass through, whilst being close enough together for most deck finishes to span between, soffits to span between, and glass balustrades to be well supported.

Locking device

Balcony to arm connections are another example of how the Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies enable speed of install through clever innovation.

The clamps act like a stirrup, allowing the balcony arm to pass through without hindrance while the balcony is being installed. Once the balcony is in position, the internal installers can easily, and safely tighten these from above and fix down the last boards with the clips.

These clamps have been fatigue tested with 7686 cycles to simulate 60 years of loading.

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