Frameless Balustrades Overview

The first option, and the preference on the majority of projects now, is frameless structural glass. Frameless structural glass provides the means to achieving an uninterrupted view from the balcony itself, with a minimalistic appeal when looking from the ground up.

There are three core parts to frameless structural glass balustrades; the base fixing, the glass, and the handrail (or Capping) this section explores each in turn.

The design of the Cassette® balcony system makes for a rigid base fixing to be achieved simply, whichever specification of glass is specified.

The second critical design consideration, is the selection of a glass itself. This needs to designed to perform to structural requirements for deflection, loading and impact, whilst providing optimal safety to users on the balcony and persons below.

Glass can also be used decoratively to create affects or to introduce more privacy for users.