Minimising the balcony installation requirement has always been at the forefront of our Cassette balcony innovation concept. By minimising site installation works, the time required for key site resources like tower cranes, and mast climbers, etc. can dramatically reduce, saving prelim costs.

Throughout all our learning hands on, we have looked to build in a large amount of tolerance (up to +/- 20mm in all directions) and create a simple flow to make the whole process much less skills dependent. Coupled with this are the many pieces of installation equipment which we have created to assist the site installation teams.

We have experience with many teams and have both an initial training course for installers aswell as a system in place for monitoring balcony installation; OSQA (Onsite Safety and Quality Assurance). Throughout a project we offer support and suggest tips from our experience, whether the balconies are being fitted by the façade company, or any other team.

Enabling balconies installation to hit record speeds of 36 balconies installed in just over 6 hours has been made possible through clever balcony innovation. What is more, the balcony installation of Sapphire Glide-On Cassette balconies is safer than the typical methods of traditional bolt-on balcony installation.

View our balcony install videos and see what a difference these rapidly installed rigid balconies can make to your project.