There are big advantages to using standardised design. At Sapphire, we have created our Cassette® system on the principle of modular construction. Our Cassette® skeletons are constructed at 400mm modules. We have created a range of standard sizes which offer the optimal widths in several projections. The benefit of using standard sizes is efficiency and therefore cost saving.

Standard balcony sizes have been designed, continually refined, and are held in standard models, meaning we can quickly provide drawings of for project balconies in 2D or 3D CAD or as BIM Components, along with FEA and structural calculations.

We can provide sizes to suit the exact project requirements for instance with widths differing from standard sizes or with unusual bracket positions. This still benefits from using the 400mm modular approach but has cost variations, making the design process more complex and with a longer duration, but still well within our in house capabilities.