Many traditional anchors are difficult to set out with cast-in formwork and brackets. Many of these are often cast incorrectly as a direct result. Sometimes only a few millimetres but if this is combined with bolt-on balconies, these tolerances are hard to overcome. Whilst the Glide-On Cassette balcony system can be designed so that there is a +/- 20mm tolerance left, right, up, down, inwards and outwards, casting in correctly is still highly recommended.

We look to design out a lot of the complexities, by creating pre assembled edge shutters, and fixed templates holding all the arms in position, and held rigid to their corresponding components. This enables simplified interface with the balconies cast-in formwork.

Once torqued, balcony connection bolts are marked to show if they have been torqued correctly. This also highlights if they have been tampered with after assembly. It is sometimes necessary for arms to be fitted after the casting of the concrete. In such scenarios, threads are protected to avoid damage or cleaning of threads. By doing so, complex balconies are able to be cast in accurately and with relative ease.