With using Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies, the install of balconies can start before the scaffold is fully struck. Scaffold or Mast Climber interface needs considering to ensure that they don’t conflict with the arms which need to be installed prior to the scaffold or mast climbers being removed.

The most cost effective and efficient way is to cast-in one piece arms with the brackets. However scaffolding positions may not work well with one piece arms, and mast climbers interface needs consideration so that they can pass by arms projecting from the building. In these scenarios, two-piece arms are usually installed. This enables the stub to be cast-in ahead of time then an arm fitted once other works have finished using the mast climbers, or scaffold.

To reduce penetrations, mast climbers and scaffolding are sometimes tied to stubs. Consideration must be made to the loadings as stubs are not designed for scaffold or mast climber loadings.