Our innovation doesn’t stop at our balcony products. We continually improve the way our balconies are installed, making it more efficient, and safer. Guarding the installers is just as important as guarding the end users of our balconies.

The Glide-On™ Cassette® technology avoids the need for installers underneath the balconies, however to ensure safety for those inside, we use two methods of guarding; firstly there is our internal guarding, behind which installers can guide in balconies.

When there is leading edge work required, for example, corner balconies or continuous walkways, a Syam guard system is used which enables a harness to be attached. In such scenarios a temporary barrier will often be added to the exposed edge of the balcony too.

Installers are trained is carried out by Sapphire to ensure that those who fit the balconies know exactly how to keep themselves safe as well as the apartments the are working within which can often be nearly finished properties.

Sapphire internal guarding’s have been custom made to Sapphire specifications based on broad spectrum of applications. Each guard is maintained and loaned out from Sapphire’s equipment stock to each projects installers so that it is suited to their application and delivered properly maintained and safe to use.

With balconies being one of the last trades to install products to the façade, we understand the need for caring for the apartments. We design all equipment so it can be built to be safe, strong, lightweight and easy to move. The support arms and feet on our internal guarding use protective materials so that they can be used in fully complete plots without the need to retouch paintwork etc. for items used outside of the guarding, Sapphire supply tethers to guard against them falling.

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