GRC (Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete) or similar imitations are a recent trend and with it GRC balcony cladding and other similar composite materials, have recently become more common as balcony fascia’s.

Typically this is to give the balconies and façade, a more flowing aesthetic feel. Most commonly, Sapphire will create a frame, or brackets fixing to the Cassette® to allow the stone fascia’s, etc. to be fixed easier.

Alternatively, there are realistic stone affect powder coatings and finishes which can be applied to standard aluminium soffits, which are lighter and can often be a cost saving, as well as avoiding further finishing works during, or after balcony delivery/install.

GRC balcony cladding would typically be added after delivery of the balconies to site and before balconies have been installed. However adding the GRC balcony cladding can be done once the balcony has been installed.