Sapphire provides solutions. Starting as early in the project pathway as possible is where the optimal outcomes can be achieved. That’s why we offer support which can really make a difference right from the early parts of the pre-construction process.

This includes:

  • CPD presentations & technical support. We share our expertise and years of learning to give attendees guidance in understanding regulations, approaches to tackle common issues and innovations to simply and speed up the installation.
  • Interface solutions. Like some of the topics in section D, there are many interfacing challenges which Sapphire will assist with tackling from casting in brackets through to final finishing.
  • Pre-construction Design refinement. We will review designs and suggest potential enhancements, refinements or concerns and suggest solutions and ideas or value engineering.
  • Samples. We support clients in making decisions by providing standard samples and can also produce full project specific balconies and mock ups.
  • 2D, 3D and BIM. We can assist with providing early stage drawings of balconies in 2D or 3D CAD or as BIM Components.
  • Structural Calculations. Sapphire uses a bespoke SES (Structural Evaluations Systems) to check structural calculations and can also do FEA modelling to enable good design decisions to be made.
  • Install sequencing. Often projects have challenging and conflicting demands on programs, e.g. crane availability. We can assist with sequencing of the balcony install and often good sequencing can be achieved by using unique installation equipment, e.g. hoists, counterbalances, etc.