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By the end of many construction programs, sites are often running tight against dates or behind. Often made even more stressful with the pressure of imminent inspections and/or client move in dates. Just like the projects featured in this balcony installation video.

That’s why when it comes to balconies being sure that your balcony is both rapidly installed and rigid, is critical for peace of mind. In this balcony installation video two projects are featured;

  • Wembley Alto – A prestigious project at the foot of the famous Wembley Stadium, where 30 fully complete balconies with glass, soffits, decking, etc. were installed in a single day.
  • Staines Road, Bedfont – A small low rise development near Heathrow Airport, where the projects entire 22 balconies were installed in just 6 hours. Manufactured offsite in Reading, delivered & installed all in the same day.

Watch the balcony installation video to see for yourself how the unique and patented Glide-On Cassette balcony concept makes a big difference with trades not having to bring soffits, glass, decking, etc through finished apartments to get to the balcony.

Also note in the Glide-On balcony installation video how the safety aspect is dramatically improved from traditional bolt-on balconies, through not having to have people underneath the balcony to guide in and bolt-on the balcony to the stub brackets whilst the crane holds the weight.