Our Sapphire Balcony Video Collection

These first balcony videos give you an insight into the Glide-on system and how the various product features can benefit your project regardless of whether your objectives are to install balconies rapidly, maximise the quality/snag free delivery or to improve your Health and Safety.

Now hear what our customers say about us…

Looking for advice on different aspects of regulations? These balcony videos look at some of the common aspects and how you can design in a cost-effective solution which covers each of these aspects.

These Sapphire balcony videos tell you our story from day one until now and a bit about our future.

Still unsure? below is a video we created back in 2010 to show how we installed bolt-on balconies at that time! With having seen the balcony videos showing all the benefits of Glide-On balcony solution, now see how basic, slow and more dangerous the old bolt-on balcony install method looks.

Lastly, here are some balcony videos of recent case studies, giving you a snapshot of what we’ve completed.

Looking for some of our old balustrade videos? They are now found here.