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This video of installing bolt-on balconies features the traditional installation of bolt-on balconies at a new multi-storey development in the heart of South London starting with delivery by lorry to site. The video highlights safety checks during the unloading procedure by the on-site crane and shows a balcony being lifted into position and secured to the building’s façade.

At this time installing 4-6 balconies in a day was a good achievement. Since then Sapphire have proved how rapid balcony install is achieved and in a safer manner. At Pomona Wharf Sapphire Glide-On Cassette balconies enabled 34 balconies to be installed in just over 6 hours – see the video of this record breaking installation here 

Note how the traditional method of installing balconies requires men underneath to guide in and carry out the final part of installing bolt-on balconies.


Take a look at this traditional method of installing balconies then view our Pomona Wharf video of installing Glide-On Cassette balconies and understand the benefits that rapid installation of rigid balconies can have for your project.