Supply & Support Overview

Our supply and support model has worked smoothly for a number of projects.

This method allows experienced experts to install our balconies under our close supervision and support delivering the best possible end-to-end service for our clients.

Here are a number of testimonials explaining the benefits of supply and support.

Tim Hawkins – Project Director of Berkeley Group at Royal Arsenal summarises what he feels are compelling reasons for Supply and Support:
  • Traditional steel balconies always need decking, soffits, lighting etc. added after install, whereas with Sapphire Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies are fully complete as soon as they are in position.
  • With thorough QA of the prefinished balconies in the factory, snagging is done on the lorry. This makes it simpler to rectify any potential defects before install rather than snags having to be done after the balcony is installed
  • Clear lines of responsibility means there isn’t blame between the Sapphire supplying and the installers. On Royal Arsenal, Berkeley experienced proved that with ‘Supply and Support’ there was “very little fuss”.
  • Warranty is clear cut with clear responsibilities with the supply & Support approach sapphire take.

Andrew Parsons – Managing Director of Sapphire

Tristan Parsons – Director of Sapphire

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