BS EN Standards Key Balcony Points

  • BS standards are being harmonised to form BS EN standards
  • Approved Documents cover similar subjects but some conflict
  • CE marking is covered by BS EN 1090

What do I need to achieve?

The BS and EN Standards is a complex area with many interrelated topics. The British Standards (BS) have been gradually consolidated with the European Standards (EN) to form the harmonised BS EN Standards. In addition, the UK building regulations Approved Documents cover similar subjects and although some advice differs or conflicts, most advice is additional or matched with the relevant standards.

In the table below we have summarised most of the common and some less common requirements and rated them with a score to help guide you to the most relevant ones on typical projects. Note that some shown below have been superseded which is indicated.

Please be aware that whilst every attempt has been made to get this accurate they are for ease of reference and with the standards ever developing may continue to change.

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