Maintenance and Replacement Key Points

  • Conduct visual checks periodically
  • Cassette® components are designed with ease of maintenance in mind

Like any product, to achieve optimal performance and longevity, maintenance and replacement of parts  must be carried out systematically. Whilst routine planned maintenance of the balcony structure may not be required, we advise for a periodic (max 5 yearly) investigation of a representative proportion of the installations to be made. This is to identify any premature ageing or developing conditions. This should involve visual checks looking for material deterioration (e.g. rotting or delamination), component tightness, and damage (e.g. chips on glass) which could lead to premature ageing or failure.

To assist with maintenance, we have worked to simplify product design to enable safe but replaceable components where possible and have experience of assisting designers to incorporate components like abseiling hooks on specific projects for maintenance and cleaning purposes.