Cleaning Drip Trays Key Points

  • NHBC like to avoid a single drainage outlet
  • Drip tray inspection is simple and from above

When looking at drainage the NHBC consider what happens when outlets are blocked. Our Cassette® balconies have multiple drip trays which have two benefits. Firstly, on a free draining balcony water collects and moves to the front of each drip tray avoiding reliance on a single outlet. Secondly, individual drip trays can be replaced from below making cleaning drip trays much easier.

Whilst gaps between deck boards are small, which avoids items (e.g. leaves) from collecting in drip trays or forming a blockage in positive drained balcony outlets, cleaning and inspection is simple. Sapphire’s WPC decking boards are fitted using hidden clips, allowing the removal of balcony deck boards from above. This enables inspection and cleaning to be carried out simply. When such checks are carried out, the balcony’s Cassette® structure should also be assessed at the same time for corrosion or deterioration of materials, and tightness of bolts and clamps.